Type PowerPlex® Keypad line

47-70 mm
Typ PowerPlex® Keypads Serien von E-T-A: Sind universelle Bedieneinheiten für Steuerungs- und Visualisierungsaufgaben.


E-T-A PowerPlex® Keypads are universal operating units for your control and visualisation tasks. Matching your wishes and requirements, they offer flexible programmability.

They switch loads and visually indicated their operating conditions. Keypads of the series 200 can additionally show measuring values on a 7-segment display, e.g. the room temperature. The colour of the LED background illumination can be selected by means of a sample board. The colours per keypad can be defined in relation to events.

Product features:

  • Freely programmable key functions
  • Keys with dimmable LED background illumination
  • Variable marking of keys by means of insertion foils.
  • Minimised mounting time through front panel mounting.

Application examples:

  • Convenient switching of loads
  • Status monitoring of loads

Technical Data

Certificates KBA E1 (ECE-R10)


Order number Description

USB/CAN converter


USB/CAN converter (opto-decoupled)


Connector package for KP100/KP200


  • Watercraft & Vehicles


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