Medical Technology

Protecting – switching – monitoring in medical equipment

Circuit breakers and power entry modules for load switching and protecting

Reliable functioning of electrical medical equipment and machines is the prerequisite for successful work in the surgery room, in the infirmaries, but also in the laboratories. This is not an area for compromise. This particularly applies to the protection of devices and machines in the event of overcurrents.

E-T-A’s circuit breakers and power entry modules reliably and safely disconnect harmful overcurrents. They help increase availability and endurance of medical equipment and reliably protect doctors, hospital staff and patients against the hazards of overheated devices.

Fast and safe restart

Unintended machine downtimes in medical electrical equipment endangers lives. Unlike fuses, E-T-A circuit breakers can be safely and quickly reset after tripping.

Time-consuming replacement of »blown« fuses is omitted, reducing wasted time and stress, as a suitable fuse replacement is not always at hand.

Systematically reducing components

In addition to conventional reset and circuit breaker/switch combinations, E-T-A offers so-called power entry modules for the medical equipment sector, helping design engineers reduce components.

They combine up to four functions within a single component: an IEC-compliant appliance inlet (C14 or C20), a line filter, a switch and a resettable overcurrent protection. This not only saves material planning and inventory costs, but significantly reduces mounting and installation costs.

Reliable multipole disconnection

Unlike conventional fuses, circuit breakers reliably disconnect the live phase conductors from the supply voltage in the event of a failure. Thanks to this all-pole disconnection, electric power accidents are reliably prevented.


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