Industrial equipment control

Protecting - switching - monitoring in electrical machines and automats

Circuit breakers and appliance inlet modules for switching and protecting loads

Long life span, availability and reliability are the major requirements in apparatus and machine construction today. End customers no longer tolerate any downtimes. 

E-T-A’s circuit breakers disconnect overcurrents before they can cause any damage. Unlike fuses they can easily and quickly be reset afterwards. This helps to significantly reduce downtimes.

Fast and reliable restart

Unscheduled machine downtimes lead to cost-intensive downtimes in apparatus and machine construction. 

Compared to fuses, E-T-A circuit breakers have the competitive edge that they can quickly and reliably be reset after tripping. 

Time-consuming replacement of blown fuses is eliminated. This saves valuable time and is easy on your nerves, because suitable replacement fuses are not always right at hand.

Systematic reduction of components

When using circuit breaker/switch combinations, you have all otherwise separately required components like switches, fuse holders and fuses in a single device. Fewer components mean less disposition and storage costs. 

For installation work, the use of a single component means time savings and avoids work errors. Moreover, circuit breaker/switch combinations provide space-saving integral overcurrent protection. It opens up more opportunities to use available space in your application.

Clever functional extension

E-T-A’s appliance inlet modules comprise switch, resettable overcurrent protection and optionally IEC inlet plugs or IEC line filters and hence offer up to  four functions in a single component. And what is more: Wiring between the otherwise required individual parts is eliminated. 

E-T-A’s appliance inlet modules are designed to ensure reliable protection also of the filter by means of the circuit breaker in the event of overcurrents. Both features ensure more safety during assembly and use of electrical machines and automats.


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