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E-T-A not only offers standard components, but also tailor-made innovative products and system solutions

Circuit protectors and solid state relays reduce undesired failures

The megatrends of electrification and automated driving are leading to a rapid change in E/E architecture. Hybrid and electrical drive concepts as well as redundant on-board electrical systems make higher demands with regard to protection solutions and relays.

E-T-A specialises in this area, fulfils the requirements of the automotive standards ISO 16750 and IATF 16949 and develops solutions for the vehicles of tomorrow. Our solid state relays are a good example as are our 48V protection circuit protectors, which are already available. Together with our customers we also design hybrid switchgear for up to 1,000 V VDC.

Silent and wear-free switching operations

Our solid state relays switch noiselessly and can therefore be installed in the passenger cabin and directly into the existing on-board electrical system. They do not have moveable contacts and therefore allow – unlike mechanical relays – wear-free switching of high inductive loads.

How to avoid complaints

Our well-proven circuit breakers help avoid complaints and increase your vehicles’ reliability. They often fit into the frequently used ATO® and MINI® terminal blocks and replace conventional blade-type fuses.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The low holding current of our solid state relays ensures lower temperatures in power distribution systems, reduces power consumption and fuel costs as well as CO2 emissions. In addition, solid state relays have a significantly longer life span than mechanical relays.


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