Circuit Breaker Features and Benefits

  • Nuisance-free operation when subject to high in-rush currents or transients, allowing ratings to be closely matched to the needs of the system and enabling the most efficient sizing of wiring and components.
  • Wide selection of time/current operating characteristics ensure tailoring to many different applications.
  • Quality design ensures resistance to premature failure through corrosion, fatigue, shock or vibration.
  • Unlike fuses, no need for spares. Risks of using temporary inappropriate substitutes are eliminated, and warranty costs are reduced.
  • Convenient resetting reduces down-time and service repair costs.
  • Many types also function as on/off switches, simplifying installation - fewer components result in higher overall reliability.
  • Internationally approved, avoiding the need for different models for different national standards.
  • Positive physical interruption of the circuit is ensured. There is no risk of equipment remaining live. Low leakage currents are eliminated.
  • Fail-safe if operated beyond specified performance limits. Unlike PTC devices, such as resettable fuses, which may arc and flame; also they require power to be removed before they can be reset.