PowerPlex® for boats

Get ready for building smart boats

With a single touch, the users can switch off lights and switch on the air condition. Or they control everything at the same time which is part of a pre-defined scenario. Users can view all boat information on screens such as water tank levels or battery condition. Or they rely on PowerPlex for informing them immediately as soon as any action needs to be taken.

PowerPlex allows control and monitoring of the on-board electrical system via smartphones, tablets, touch displays or key pads. Thanks to the various operating options, controlling the entire on-board equipment is child’s play.

Various co-operations with major manufacturers of electronic equipment continuously enhance integration options. In addition to or alternatively to the PowerPlex operating options, features like multi-functional displays from Navico’s brands Simrad and B&G as well as Garmin or Furuno make handling on board even more convenient.

This tops off the entire solution and continuously enhances the functionalities of PowerPlex.

  • PowerPlex – features

    PowerPlex® – features

    • Customer-specific power distribution, controlling and monitoring (DC / AC)
    • Well-proven control and monitoring of third-party systems
    • Reliable control and monitoring of pumps
    • Intelligent illumination scenarios for a perfect atmosphere
    • Automated temperature control
    • Automatic tank level control
    • Optional system control via MFDs, touch PCs, touch displays, smartphones and tablets
    • Remote maintenance optional


  • PowerPlex – system examples

    PowerPlex® – system examples

    Together with you, we will tailor a PowerPlex® system exactly to the lifestyle and requirements of your brand and your customers. There is no “one size fits all” package. The strength of PowerPlex® is the option to design one’s own switching and automation solution - exactly matching your ideas and visions.

    A PowerPlex system can be a single module or else a complex system consisting of several modules and control panels.

    The system will be as compact or comprehensive as you need it. Therefore it’s as easy to realise automation on a small motorboat as it is on a million dollar luxury yacht. The possibilities are endless. Independent of the boat size or type, PowerPlex® provides tailor-made automation technology on your boat.

  • PowerPlex – NMEA 2000 network

    PowerPlex® – NMEA 2000 network

    NMEA 2000 is the marine standard for serial data networking of electronic devices. Compatible devices share data including commands and status information with other compatible devices such as sensors, pumps, lights, GPS or multifunctional displays.

    For E-T-A, it was just a logical step to completely connect PowerPlex and NMEA 2000. Our PowerPlex Gateway allows combination of the PowerPlex CAN bus with various other bus systems such as CAN (e. g. NMEA 2000, SAE J1939) or Modbus.

    Connectivity to NMEA 2000 via a gateway opens up a wealth of possibilities. Large-scale control and monitoring systems with clearly separated functionalities and tasks can be realised. The gateway translates and automatically filters incoming messages. Thus only relevant data are transmitted or received. This ensures a consistent flow of information for controlling and monitoring of the entire installation of the on-board electrical system.

  • PowerPlex – integration of third-party systems

    PowerPlex® – integration of third-party systems

    Integration of third-party systems is indispensable for building a smart boat. Depending on the device, there are various integration options:

    • Integration of e.g. sensors, pumps, battery chargers etc. by means of PowerPlex® Modules
    • Integration of touch PCs with installed PowerPlex® TouchPC Software via a CAN/USB converter
    • Integration of devices of other bus systems such as NMEA 2000 by means of PowerPlex® Gateway
    • Integration of multifunctional displays of major manufacturers via the PowerPlex® Web Server