Type EAI300


In combination with the RCI10, the EAI300 External Alarm Interface allows recording of external sensor data and external alarm generators as well as their alerting on the management system. It includes additional monitoring and display of door contacts, fire alarm boxes or temperature sensors in the engineering room. It means best possible system transparency and fast intervention in the event of alarm. Thanks to programmable logical links, operating conditions of the ESX300-S can be connected with external encoder signals, allowing automatic switching operations. The EAI300 sub- can easily be plugged into empty slots, instead of the electronic circuit protector ESX300 S, of the ControlPlex® Rack system without shutting down the connected loads. This allows connection of external signalling devices in the control cabinets without requiring additional space. 


  • Saving additional hardware and costs through connection of external signalling devices, e.g. Sensors (door contacts or fire alarm boxes in the engineering room)
  • No additional space requirement for routing external alarm signals
  • Integral voltage output allows power supply of switch contacts
  • Logical link possible of various external and internal signals to form one group signal
  • Decoupled potential-free inputs and outputs
  • Up to 20 EAI300 sub-assemblies possible per Power-D-Box® ControlPlex®

Technical Data


DC 20 V … DC 75 V

Anschlüsse extern Zwei steckbare 8-pol Buchsen
Digitale Eingänge 8x
Analoge Eingänge 1x
Digitale Ausgänge 2x
Status LED red, green, blue
Umgebungstemperatur -20 °C...+55 °C (without condensation, cf EN60204-1)


  • Automation
  • Infrastructure & Signalling technology
  • Telecom & Datacom


Datasheet & Explanations