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E-T-A is your specialist for reliable power distribution, overcurrent and overvoltage protection in the sector of communications technology.

For data centres, IP routing or switching technology, our customised system solutions provide unrivalled machine uptime and effectively prevent damages of connected loads, e.g. in the telecommunications voltage range DC –38 V to –72 V.

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  • Telecommunications engineering (DC)

    Telecommunications engineering (DC)

    Application example: Telecommunications engineering (DC)

    Internet backbones are the basis of a soaring interconnectedness and digitisation of our society. Switching, the so-called routing of data packages, is by means of powerful routers in the computing centre of the backbone or internet service provider.

    In this sector, special focus is on a constant availability of the systems, and one of the central points is reliable power distribution and the corresponding protection of the supplied components. If systems fail in a network cabinet due to overcurrent, overvoltage or short circuit, this can have disastrous consequences, even fire in the data centre. Other challenges such as continuous duty (24/7), high temperature ranges and constricted space conditions in the control cabinet require a sophisticated and robust product design.


    The most reliable and economic way of protecting the network components is to use E-T-A’s Power-D-Box®. When fitted with the suitable circuit breakers, it will disconnect faulty loads within milliseconds and will thus protect them against destruction.

    Your benefits of the best possible use in control cabinets:

    • Compact design
    • Flexible connection technology
    • Individual solutions, perfectly tailored to your needs
    • Or a range of standard versions

    If you wish to realise a customer-specific single piece or projects with a perennial runtime: E-T-A’s Power-D-Box® provides you with superior quality “made in Germany” and permanently harmonised standards. It’s an unbeatable advantage when it comes to maintenance and service of your systems.


    Product example:

    Economy Power-D-Box®

    The Economy Power-D-Box® is a compact 2U power distribution system made of aluminium.

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    High Power-D-Box®

    The Power-D-Box® is a compact 2U power distribution system made of aluminium in an enclosure with anodised front plate. Protection of the loads is by means of hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers.

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    Customer-specific Power-D-Box®:

    E-T-A offers customised power distribution solutions, tailor-made to your application. The sophisticated modular system ensures economic efficiency and short design cycles.

    Whether you wish to realise a customer-specific single piece or projects with a perennial runtime: you will always benefit from superior quality “made in Germany” with E-T-A products and from permanently harmonised standards. An unbeatable advantage when it comes to maintenance and service of your systems.


  • Data centres (AC and DC)

    Data centres (AC and DC)

    Application example: Power supply in data centres

    Modern data centres in the industry 4.0 era have become indispensable to allow reasonable processing of large data volumes or host online applications. They provide a highly redundant infrastructure where servers have to work with minimal, scheduled failure times. For this reason, all equipment required for proper operation is available in a multiple redundancy. The redundancy concept also applies to the power supply, where often centralised high-performance power supply units (PSU) are used in the DC range with centralised back-up battery units.

    Besides the system components which are supplied via DC, AC current plays an important role in data centres. Intelligent power distribution units (PDUs) are used for supply of the AC components. In the event of disruptions in the power grid, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) ensure availability of the systems.

    No matter which type of current is used, the requirements of the fuse panels are growing from a pure power supply and protection to intelligent power management with monitoring, remote control functionality and inclusion of sensors.

    E-T-A offers a wide range of conventional and intelligent fuse panels for data centres. The compact design of the systems ensures ease of mounting in standard system cabinets as well as in customer-specific designs. The redundant structure of the power management systems provides unrivalled availability of sensitive applications and can be adapted to any redundancy concept.

    Your benefits for a reliable power supply in data centres:

    • Highest system availability thanks to selective overcurrent protection with integral current limitation
    • Remote control, monitoring and diagnosis of connected loads
    • Recording of measuring values (current, voltage) and comprehensive diagnosis
    • Flexibility through modular design, allowing easy adjustment to your application requirements
    • Ease of integration into existing management systems

    If you wish to realise an application-specific single piece or high-volume projects, E-T-A helps you to benefit from economic solutions in combination with short development times.


    Product examples:

    ControlPlex® Rack für DC applications

    ControlPlex® Rack is the intelligent complete system for power distribution and overcurrent protection, combined with smart control and surveillance technology. The system has been designed particularly for the selective protection of minus supplied systems. 

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    Custom designed E-T-A Power Distribution Units for AC applications

    E-T-A Power Distribution Units combine intelligent overcurrent protection, power management and remote maintenance in a single compact device. The “zero U” design saves valuable height units in the control cabinet and thanks to the integral display, analysis on site can be carried out quickly and easily. A perfect solution to ensure power distribution in the server cabinet.


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