Type ESX10-TB-DC24V-16A

80 mm
Typ ESX10-TB-101-DC24V-16A von E-T-A: erweitert die Produktgruppe »ESX10-T.-DC24V«


The ESX10-TB-101-DC24V-16A is an extension of the ESX10-T range for DC24V and is the first product to complete a comprehensive protection range with ratings from 0.5 A to 16 A.

At a width of only 12.5mm it provides selective protection for all DC 24 V load circuits. This is achieved by a combination of active ­electronic current limitation in the event of a short circuit and overload disconnection typically from 1.15 times rated current. The ESX10-T is track-mountable and provides ease of installation for groups of ­devices with several circuits.

Technical Data

operating voltage
Voltage rating
Current ratings 16 A
Number of poles 1-pole
Load disconnection with physical isolation
trip times:
short circuit: typically 100 ms...3 s
overload: typically 3s
Current limitation typically 1.25 x IN
Status indication 1 LED green/orange/red: status/fault
Temperature range
Terminal design screw terminals
Certificates CE-logo UL 2367, File # E306740 Solid State Overcurrent Protectors


  • Automation
  • Automobile production
  • Chemical, Oil & Gas
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Pharmaceutical & Food
  • Power Engineering DC 24 V