Rack System Solutions

Typical applications

Ideally suited for power distribution in industrial switching and control systems in the oil, gas and chemical industry; power engineering and environmental engineering, food and steel production and telecommunications. 


The SBG-T control cabinets allow compact and well-structured power distribution. Visual clarity, reliability, redundancy, selectivity, flexibility and reduced space requirements are major requirements of the industry met by our solutions.


  • Ease of adjustment through modular design
  • Redundant system design
  • Integral back-up fuses in the supply modules
  • Reliable selective DC 24 V protection with electronic circuit breakers or protectors type
 ESS30, ESX10 or ESX10-T
  • Ease of mounting through plug-in type circuit breakers
  • Ease of modular extension of ways
  • Clear cable management


Do you have any other requirements? Our specialists will be pleased to design a customised control cabinet solution for you