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Type: Flexible Power-D-Box® with pcb for 3600/2210/


The compact 2U 19inch Power-D-Box® with sockets pre-wired on printed circuit board features aluminium profiled cross members with an anoodized front plate. The panel cutout accommodates up to 30 positions numbered 1 through 30. It is possible to have 6, 12, 18, 24 or 30 prepared slots or to have a redundant distribution with up to 2 x 15 positions.

The Power-D-Box® accommodates plug-in type circuit breakers 3600/ 3900 and 2210, solid state remote power controller E-1048-700, electronic circuit breaker type ESS20 and electronic circuit protector ESX10. The required device must be specified in the ordering information as both different installation depth and pcb pin assignments must be allowed for.

The devices are plugged into corresponding sockets type 63-P10-Si (6 positions each). These sockets are soldered from the rear onto the pcb, holding a certain pre-wiring.

Technical Data

Mounting method racks
Circuit breaker type thermal-magnetic
Dimensions width 19 (482.6 mm)
height 2U (88.9 mm)
installation depth 205 mm
installation depth 250 mm
Max. rated voltage DC +65 V
AC 250 V
Number of ways 2 x 15 redundant
1 x 30 non-redundant
1-pole protected
2-pole protected
2 x 14 redundant
For circuit breaker type 2210 1-pole
2210 2-pole
Supply redundant
Supply terminal type Screw terminals
Terminal studs (for cable lugs)
Max. current rating of loads 16
Terminal type of loads Screw terminals
2.5 mm²
Signalling Make contacts connected in series
Break contacts connected in parallel
Terminal type of auxiliary contacts 2.5 mm²
Operating temperature range 0 … +50 °C
Further technical data  are available upon request 



Order number Description
X 222 066 01 jumper
Y 308 563 01 blanking piece 3600/3900; 2210
Y 308 563 41 blanking piece ESS20, ESX10
Y 308 602 01 withdrawal tool



  • Automation
  • Chemical, Oil & Gas
  • Power Engineering DC 24 V
  • Power-D-Box-Systems
  • Telecom & Datacom