Type: PowerPlex® TouchPC Software


Our PowerPlex®TouchPC Software offers the possibility to control a PowerPlex® system via customer-specific user interfaces (GUI) via touchscreens. The software runs on all Windows-based computers or touch PCs and is an extension of a PowerPlex® system for easy and convenient operation of the electrical system.

The software flexibility allows any OEM to determine which characteristics should be shown on the individual user screens (e.g. Illumination on/off, tank levels, air conditioning, battery condition, background pictures, key position etc.). All computers are integrated in thePowerPlex® network to allow communication with other display and any module (DC/AC). This ensures complete control of all loads and sensors of different sites and locations.

Product features:

  • Customer-specific user interfaces
  • Freely configurable control of electrical loads
  • Windows-based software


  • Control and monitoring of the installed devices
  • Intelligent operation via colour touch displays
  • Display of sensor data
  • Preparation and display of alarms


  • Watercraft & Vehicles


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