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ControlPlex® Rack

Intelligent power distribution for the voltage range from DC -48V to DC -60V for the sectors electrical power supply, data centre and telecommunications 

You require:

  • System availability on top level
  • Significant reduction of power consumption
  • Drastic reduction of maintenance time
  • Reduction of downtimes

ControlPlex® Rack

is the intelligent complete system for power distribution and overcurrent protection. The system has been especially designed for the selective protection of systems with minus supply (DC -48V or DC -60V) which are widely used in communication engineering and electrical power supply.

ControlPlex® rack provides diagnostic capability, remote maintenance and power management of the entire control and field level from one supplier.

ControlPlex® Rack with electronic circuit protector type ESX300-S
As a complete system it consists of a rack with up to 19 pieces of the intelligent plug-in type electronic circuit protectors type ESX300-S. They can even be replaced with the system live. The electronic circuit protectors are fitted into a Power-D-Box® with various termination technologies for front or rear side connection. The complete system can be remotely controlled and monitored via and additional plug-in type interface card. 

The absolutely autonomous firmware of the ESX 300-S allows for compatibility between various software versions.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reduced fire hazard through precise, selective failure disconnection
  • System stability in the event of a short circuit through avoidance of voltage dips
  • Flexibility provided by hot-swappability of the circuit protectors
  • Reduced start-up times by plug-in type load terminals and failure reduction by extended display functions
  • Reduced maintenance time through measuring data recording and automation via an extendable control interface (optional)