System ControlPlex® Rack

ControlPlex®Rack’s modular design ensures optimal flexibility and can be perfectly adjusted to application requirements. The basic configuration consists of a Power-D-Box® CP and the ESX300-S electronic circuit protectors. Depending on the application requirements, the system can optionally be extended with the RCI10 Remote Control Interface for convenient remote access, the RSI10 Remote Signalling Interface for reliable potential-free signalling and the EAI300 External Alarm Interface for transparent integration of sensors.


  • Highest system availability thanks to selective overcurrent protection with integral current limitation
  • Remote control, monitoring and diagnosis of connected loads
  • Recording of measuring values (current, voltage) and comprehensive diagnosis
  • Flexibility through modular design, allowing easy adjustment to your application requirements
  • Compact and service-friendly design
  • Ease of integration into existing management systems

Basic modules:

ESX300-S minus

Electronic circuit protector, ESX300-S minus, DC -48 V, plug-in type

ESX300-S plus

Electronic circuit protector, ESX300-S plus, DC +24 V, DC +48 V, DC +60 V, plug-in type

Optional modules:


The RCI10 Remote Control Interface allows remote control and monitoring of the system and its connected loads


Remote Signalling Interface ensures reliable and earky detection of critical system conditions.


EAI300 External Alarm Interface allows recording of external sensor data and external alarm generators as well as their alerting on the management system

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