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Learn more about the latest developments in the areas of circuit breaker technology, system engineering and power distribution systems.

Folded perfection: E-T-A’s 3120-N with new innovative accordion-style seal (IP65)

E-T-A’s 3120 circuit breaker works as an ON/OFF switch in machinery and devices. It also provides reliable disconnection in the event of an overcurrent. After tripping due to an overcurrent, the user can easily and quickly reset the 3120-N to resume operation.

Time-consuming replacement of fuses is eliminated. Now, the well-proven classic presents itself with a new accordion-style seal...

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REX-System: All-in-one Solution

Supply, overcurrent protection and power distribution in a single system

E-T-A’s compact and flexible REX system represents a comprehensive DC 24 V protection and distribution solution for machine and panel builders, under the headline »all in one«.

Read more about the benefits of our all-in-one solution... 

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IO-Link Device for ControlPlex® SVS201-CP

Fit for future requirements of factory automation and process control:

E-T-A extends the SVS201-CP ControlPlex® Board power distribution system by the communication interface IO link. It allows integration of electronic DC 24 V protection into communication technology. Point-to-point IO link communication is unique and offers considerable reduction of wiring time...

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EPR10 Electronic Power Relay increases productive service times of utility vehicles

The EPR10 electronic power relay was designed for utility vehicles and special vehicles with a focus on reliability and functional safety. Its novel design allows new rooms to manoeuvre in vehicle construction and installation.

The EPR10 is suitable for high continuous currents up to 200A at DC 24 V.


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Type EBU is a world first - the solution for reliable power safety

E-T-A unveils a world first: the EBU (Electronic Breaker Unit), a newly designed hybrid protective element for a stable energy security of UPS systems.

UPS means “uninterruptible power supply”. These systems are used to ensure permanent power supply even in the event of a mains failure ...

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Electronic circuit protector REX12-T - with IO link option

Economical and flexible: The innovative and modular solution: The REX12-T electronic circuit protector is the new generation of electronic overcurrent protection: Thanks to its unique flap-hinged mechanism, up to 16 circuit protectors can be placed side-by-side on a symmetrical rail and can be connected electrically.

No bridges, jumpers or busbars required!

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Flexible DC 24 V power distribution with integral cable harness

Tailor-made for modern communications technology in production plants.

The new power distribution system Module 18plus is a compact wiring solution for all load and signal lines of the DC 24 V control voltage - no matter whether it is for decentralised power distributions or for centralised plant concepts....

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Low energy breaker minimises total power loss

The ESS30-S electronic circuit breaker with additional attribute “low energy breaker” holds a standard-compliant combination of mechanical circuit breaker and electronic overcurrent protection.

Less losses and high packing density…

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ControlPlex® Rack - smart, reliable and selective

System availability has top priority in telecommunications, transmission technology and data system engineering. The intelligent power distribution system ControlPlex® Rack offers an innovative solution:

Selective overcurrent protection with integral control and monitoring function...

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Compact power distribution system for decentralised use

The new decentralised power distribution system V0097 is optimally suitable for supply of smaller production units within long assembly lines.

This solution designed by E-T-A allows thinner cables for AC 230 V or 400 V and it takes the 40 A power supply very close to the loads. Only there will it supply the required DC 24 V...

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Thermal circuit breaker / switch combination 3120-PT

PT terminals increase speed and safety for wiring: The new thermal circuit breaker/switch combination 3120-PT with push-in terminals units protection with ON/OFF operation in a very confined space.

The push-in technology allows pushing rigid conductors or conductors with wire end ferrules easily, safely and quickly into the terminals...

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AC power distribution for rail mounting with potential-free signalling

Tailor-made for modern communications technology in production plants: The AC power distribution type V0071 prevents any risk for life and limb of the operating personnel by way of its design.

In spite of its high overload and short circuit resistance it features very compact dimensions...

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Flexible Power-D-Box® with printed circuit board

A modular system for your power distribution - tailor-made to your requirements

The flexible Power-D-Box® serves for connecting and protecting up to 30 load circuits at one power supply. By means of two versions - Basic and Basic Plus -the user is able to meet his requirements ranging from a basic configuration to an »allround-carefree-package«...

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ControlPlex® Board with SVS201-CP

Specially for automation: Bus communication for DC 24 V control circuits 

The new power distribution system ControlPlex® Board type SVS201-CP allows the continuing analysis of the load currents and load voltage now also on the DC 24 V level. This can future be purposefully used for the energy consumption behaviour of machinery and equipment.

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