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Renewable Energy - DC Disconnect, Overcurrent Protection and Error Signalling

As investments in the production of renewable energy continues to increase, the importance of protecting these new technologies with accurate overcurrent protection and integral error signalling builds. E-T-A's system solutions, DC disconnect switches, firefighter switches, circuit breakers, isolators, power distribution systems, electronic relays and emergency switches ensure dependable solutions for the latest state-of-the-art green technologies entering the market today including: photovoltaic technology as well as hydroelectric and wind power generation.

E-T-A works closely with companies in the renewable energy sector developing products including:

  • Remotely controlled circuit breakers and DC disconnect switches
  • Isolation and disconnection of high DC voltages in inverters and generator junction boxes
  • Protection of stand-alone systems 
  • Electronic circuit protectors, ideally suited to battery-buffered DC 12 V and 24 V DC applications due to their low power consumption

Electronic Overcurrent Protection

ESX10-T.-DC 24 V

Electronic circuit protector, ESX10-T-DC24V, DC 24 V, rail mounting, fixed, variable current ratings, no. of channels 1

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Electronic circuit protector, ESX50D-S, DC 24 V, plug-in type, variable current ratings, no. of channels 1, ControlPlex

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Hydraulic-Magnetic and Magnetic Overcurrent Circuit Breakers


Toggle-operated hydraulic-magnetic circuit breaker, flange mounting, ratings up to 125 A

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Power Distribution Systems

Module 18plus

Flexible DC 24 V power distribution with integral cable harness

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Thermal-Magnetic Overcurrent Circuit Breakers


Single pole and multipole thermal-magnetic miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) in accordance with EN 60947-2, UL 1077 and UL 489

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