Environmental management

ISO 14001 and 50001 certificate

E-T-A is certified according to ISO 14001 for their environmental management system, and according to ISO 50001 for their energy management system. This includes all areas in the German locations Altdorf and Hohenfels.

Our goal is to live and claim sustainability. The product’s entire live cycle is to be designed as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Energy and environmental policy:

One central task of the company’s activities is to extend environmental protection in all processes and methods and to constantly optimise environmental protection in the company. E-T-A is traditionally committed to protecting and preserving an environment worth living in. We assume social responsibility by developing step by step towards becoming a CO2-neutral company. In order to decrease the inevitable environmental impacts, we want to further minimise energy and resource consumption with all its consequences. 

It is our declared goal to implement the improvement of energy efficiency, reduction of energy consumption, CO2 neutrality and climate and environmental protection in our actions and beyond.

The following action plan helps us achieve our goal:

  • In our daily work, we act prudently and with foresight regarding environment and energy.
  • We are implementing the specifications of our energy and environmental policy in an integral management system in a targeted and structured manner.
  • We minimise the energy and resource consumption with all its consequences and thus decrease the inevitable environmental impacts.
  • We ensure a trouble-free and systematic procedure of all technical and organisational processes through continuous checks and improvements.
  • We avoid accidents that lead to environmental damage or keep their impacts as low as possible.
  • We take responsibility for meeting all energy and environmental relevant laws, regulations and requirements.
  • We live and promote environmental protection and resource-conserving use of energy with our partners and suppliers and take this into account in our purchasing processes.
  • We maintain a fair and cooperative relationship with the responsible authorities.

In the context of legislative specifications and the reliable co-operation with our customers, E-T-A proclaims the adherence to all environmental relevant laws, regulations and requirements.

Our employees also consider environmental protection as an important part of their tasks and ensure that environmental protection is lived and promoted on all levels at E-T-A by acting prudently and responsibly.

Certificates and accreditations


We are ecovadis-certified!

ecovadis certificate